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OUKA electric bike BLULANS S8 electric road bike evaluation

OUKA electric bike BLULANS S8 electric road bike evaluation

  • Sunday, 29 August 2021
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OUKA electric bike BLULANS S8 electric road bike evaluation
In the first two months, we evaluated the BLULANS S6 electric-assisted mountain bike equipped with Bafang M600 mid-mounted torque motor. The BLULANS product line is very clear. It is necessary to create the electric power of the people in both the mountain and the highway. The more cyclists, the easier it is to fall in love with cycling. Today we received BLULANS’s electric road bike-BLULANS S8.布鲁莱斯S8

Vehicle configuration: Frame: BLULANS one-piece carbon fiber frame Motor system: Bafang M800 mid-mounted torque motor Instrument: Bafang 2.2-inch color center-mounted instrument Battery: LG 18650 battery cell 36V 12.8Ah/460.8Wh Transmission components: SHIMANO ULTEGRA transmission system Front fork: BLULANS one-piece carbon fiber fork Handlebar set: 400mm+80mm carbon fiber integrated bending handle Seat tube: 350mm integrated carbon fiber seat tube Cushion: selle Italia cushion Brake: SHIMANO R8020 hydraulic cooling disc brake Tires: Schwalbe Durano RaceGuard 700x32C road tires Wheel set: BLULANS 50mm 4 bearing carbon fiber disc brake wheel set Vehicle weight: 14.5kg 100% CKD package, directly ride

For the common unpacking of the whole vehicle, we need to unpack, unpack the paper, remove the front wheel, adjust the stem, install the handlebar, and install the front wheel. If it is more complicated, you need to thread and cut the pipe by yourself, install the brake, and adjust the speed; some Electric-assisted models also have to connect cables and install instruments by themselves. A set of procedures can take as little as half an hour, or as long as a whole day. But the BLULANS S8 box is surprisingly large. The giant size of 172cmX50cmX100cm is much larger than the common 133cmX20cmX75cm carton. After opening it, we found that BLULANS uses 7-layer thick cardboard boxes and four giant foams to fix it, and the whole car is completely packed in.

Unpacking the box, a fully assembled vehicle is displayed in front of you. The integrated computer seat on the front of the car is also directly equipped with instruments and Magnificent RN600 headlights. Take the BLULANS S8 out of the carton and you can ride it directly. Even the accessories that riders need to buy later are all available, and they are quite thoughtful for users. The packing method that does not need to dismantle the car is more worry-free than the special packing box that spends several thousand dollars. It will be safer to use this carton for out-of-town competitions and riding tours.

"F.I.R" full internal wiring design This BLULANS S8 adopts a family-style design language, with black and red color schemes, bright lava red and matte black complement each other. The biggest feature in appearance is the use of a fully internal routing design called the "F.I.R" system, which is in line with the current road bike trend.


In addition to our common brakes and variable-speed line pipes, reasonable layout of cables between multiple electronic parts such as meters, motors, batteries, and sensors should also be considered in this internal wiring system. The "FIR" system does not require too many gaskets and strange stem rectifier covers to complete the ultra-concise and full internal routing layout among so many cables. BLULANS has indeed worked hard on the design of this car, at least in terms of appearance. The "ultra ugly" head tube stem design that is worth a spike in a certain line of big names. M800 lightweight mini motor

The BLULANS S8 road bike is equipped with the Bafang M800 mid-mounted electric power assist system. The M800 is a mid-mounted electric power assist system specially designed and developed by Bafang for road vehicles. It is also used before because of its compact mini shape. In the Maserati electric road bike and won the "Winner" award of the German Design Award in 2019, it is not an exaggeration to say that BLULANS and Maserati "learn from the same door", after all, they both have the same power heart-Bafang M800 .


In terms of specific parameters, the Bafang motor weighs only 2.3 kg, but can output a rated power of 200W and a maximum output torque of 55N.m. According to the local regulations of different countries, this system provides two different powers of up to 25km/h and 45km/h for consumers to choose. The point is that even when the speed exceeds the maximum value of power assist, there is still a smooth and easy pedaling experience.

Although the hard parameters are not as violent as the Bafang M600 system, the volume and weight have been greatly reduced. The average weight of a common mid-mounted motor is about 3.2-3.5kg, while the Bafang M800 is only less than 2.3kg. It is an extremely light and compact mid-mounted motor on the market. It is heavier than flagship motors such as Shimano's ep8 and Bosch's Performance Line CX. Much lighter and much smaller in size.

The battery is equipped with a LG 18650 cell 36V 12.8Ah/460.8Wh battery, and is equipped with an intelligent BMS battery management system, which collects the terminal voltage and temperature, charge and discharge current and total voltage of the battery pack of each battery in real time to prevent the battery from overwhelming. Charge or over-discharge to protect battery safety. Limited to the extreme requirements for volume and weight of road vehicles, the battery capacity is generally not too large. Bafang is more inclined to long-distance or steep climbing in the assist setting of M800, and it has less continuous assistance for normal riding conditions. It is very suitable for road models.

The official nominal vehicle weight is 14.5kg, and the actual weight is 14.95kg with accessories such as bottle cages and flashlights. Calculating, subtracting the weight of the entire motor and battery 4.4kg, the remaining seems to be able to basically reach the pass line of a traditional pneumatic road bike, but after all, electric-assisted models are different from traditional bicycles in terms of frame and wheel design and carbon cloth. Priority is given to strength when stacking, and it is not easy to achieve this weight on an electric-assisted road bike equipped with a mid-mounted motor.


The BLULANS S8 road bike frame adopts integrated carbon fiber technology, and the tube shape has been aerodynamically optimized. Whether it is a FIR full internal routing design, an integrated carbon fiber handlebar group, and a 50mm high frame wheel group, they are all for better Pneumatic effect.

In terms of transmission, SHIMANO's sub-top flagship suite ULTEGRA was selected. Due to its single-disc design, the left-hand shift lever is temporarily useless, but the Bafang M800 motor system supports both single-disc and double-disc.

The front 44T CNC positive-negative-tooth reinforced chainring and the rear 11-32T R8000 flywheel basically cover the daily required ratio. Since the motor is assisted, there is no need to worry about the insufficient climbing gear ratio. The crankset is independently designed and manufactured by BLULANS. The simple shape and integrated chain guard make the crankset have good aerodynamic performance in CFD simulation. The heavy materials are excellent in strength and rigidity. As for the weight, is the electric booster still 100g worse?

In terms of wheels, BLULANS’s exclusive custom-made straight-pull hub +50mm high-frame carbon fiber wheels are also specially designed to strengthen the hubs and wheels for the characteristics of strong electric power, fast speed, and large impact, which are stronger than ordinary wheels. The group is several times higher, and the performance is stable under high-speed cruising (40-45km/h).

It is worth mentioning that this pair of carbon knives adopts a design with an inner width of 24mm and an outer width of 32mm. When the original 32C is matched, it can provide sufficient comfort and strong passability under lower tire pressure. The wide tire and wide ring match. Not only does it have good aerodynamic performance, but it also matches the sturdy battery down tube more harmoniously. Schwalbe Durano RaceGuard 700x32C road tire RaceGuard has first-class puncture resistance, durability and grip.

The one-piece carbon fiber seat tube is matched with a seat rail chuck commonly used on tricycles that can greatly adjust the front and rear movement range, and the Cockpit value (cockpit space) is adjustable by 30mm.

The cushion uses the most environmentally friendly X-Tech technology cushion from the well-known Italian cushion brand Selle Italia. It is fully automated, without glue, and has a popular wide and short nose design. The central incision reduces the pressure on the perineum, and the overall sitting feeling is hard. , Sitting on it, you can clearly feel the position of the ischium, and it has excellent support. \

Ride feeling

As an aerodynamic road bike, it has a Reach value of 398.8mm, and the stack value of the whole vehicle is relatively high, reaching 555.9mm. A more comfortable and upright riding posture can be obtained without too many washers. In addition, the seat tube has 30mm Cockpit adjustable space, which makes up for the current embarrassing state of the single size of this car to a certain extent.

Although the S8 top tube is visually shaped like a bow, it is still a slightly compressed frame design. However, the higher span makes it possible for riders with a height of 170cm or less to say "bye bye" to this car, with the exception of long legs! In terms of geometric design, the product manager also said that the arched back shape will be eliminated in the later iterations of the model to avoid this awkward visual error, and more sizes are also steadily advancing. At present, suitable riders can "buy first and enjoy "NS.



This Bafang M800 mid-mounted torque motor system takes into account the needs of road vehicles at the basic design level. The 2.2-inch mid-mounted instrument and control buttons are as rich as the code table. The buttons for adding or subtracting gears can realize the easy control of electric assist, which is fully in line with the riding habits and operating logic of road bike riders. Traditional road cycling enthusiasts can easily get started without the cost of learning.

In order to balance the volume, weight and beauty of common road vehicles, they often use compact rear wheel hub motor systems. This easily breaks the balance of the weight of the front and rear wheels of the vehicle. At the same time, it increases the difficulty of later upgrades such as wheel sets and kits. Large manufacturers such as Specialized rely on strong R&D strength and technology to make the mid-mounted motor extremely mini, and apply it to road vehicles perfectly.

▲Most of the motors in the whole vehicle that are blocked by the chainring are enough to prove the compact size of the Bafang M800 The Bafang M800 motor is the smallest and lightest mid-mounted motor I have used so far. I have seen the actual product at the auto show before, and I was very interested in its exquisite structure. Now after a long-term measurement of nearly 1,000 kilometers, the editor has a deeper understanding of the Bafang M800 motor. During the actual experience: within the limited speed range, with the built-in torque sensor and the precise capture of the speed sensor, the Bafang M800 electric assist system can quickly recognize the pedaling intention of the rider, release linear and progressive and unobtrusive power, and accompanied by Even pedaling quickly enters the best working efficiency range, with a wide efficiency range, and with a reasonable gear ratio, it is more silky and natural. Especially in the hill-climbing section, the pedaling force will increase while the assist will be increased without lag. Road bikes can easily exceed the maximum speed limit, so outside the limit speed range, the "non-interference" of the motor is equally important to the riding experience. While streamlining the internal structure, M800 optimizes internal gears, reduces the consumption of kinetic energy transmission, and realizes a pedaling experience that is almost no resistance.

The timing and intensity of the motor intervention of the Bafang M800 are completely different from the experience of the M500 and M600 I have used before. The motor intervention is quite soft, even a little bit unlike Bafang’s “strengthening miracle” that Bafang always gives people. The motor noise that has been more obvious on other motors has also been greatly improved on this set of M800. When the gear position is high and the cadence is close to the motor no-load revolutions, you will hear a little like chain noise. The motor noise is extremely weak. The official claims that the noise level is less than 55dB. In fact, it is difficult to feel in daily riding. This is the point. great!

▲The average speed is close to 40km/h, and the average heart rate is only 115bpm With the auxiliary bonus of motor power, it is easier to ride out data that was difficult to achieve in normal riding training, and spend more time and energy to train high-speed cornering, control technology and other riding in high-speed driving. Skills training constantly breaks through and improves one's own limit. In terms of battery life, in several violent tests, the motor finally gave several different answers, but it is certain that the first 50% of the electricity is quite powerful, and the average wind speed is 33km/h along the 45km ups and downs. In the road section test, less than half of the electricity was consumed.

Based on several tests, it can basically reach 60km in the state of maximum gear (5 gear) and maximum assist speed (45km/h). If 1 gear is used, it can theoretically reach 130km on flat roads. Such a long endurance can easily complete a day's journey and obtain higher riding quality. From the tens of kilometers around the city, the range of activities is expanded to hundreds of kilometers to explore, and more distant places have never been visited. It may be because this test bike is equipped with a test motor. If it is used for a long time with full power output, the motor will generate more heat. There will be situations where 30% and 20% power jumps directly to 0%. Personal guess is that the overload protector starts to protect the motor, and the power will recover after a period of cooling. In the logic of accurate power management, the design and large size of M800 The high-power M600 is just the opposite. The last 10% of the power of the M600 is more durable.

Like everyone, the editor is most worried about its battery life problem, because according to some past experience in electric power testing, it will be relatively difficult to step on when there is no electricity. Surprisingly, this car can maintain the same riding pleasure as an ordinary road car even when it is out of power. This is an experience that the hub motor road car basically cannot bring.

Taking the dish legs with an average power of less than 150w as an example, it can easily maintain an average speed of 30km/h without powering on the test for more than 2 hours. In the non-assisted state, when the average speed is above 30km/h and the cadence can be maintained above 80, the pedaling resistance of the motor will become very small. If you find it difficult, you might as well lower the gear to get easy pedaling. , But remember to maintain a proper cadence speed. In my daily commute, I also often do not turn on the electricity for leisure riding. Except for the road bike that feels a bit heavy, the motor does not give particularly obvious resistance.

▲Turn off the electricity for the first hour, and turn on the electric power assist for the next hour In the 2-hour test, the average speed was lower than 32.5km/h during the first 1 hour of cycling with the power off, and the average speed of the next 1 hour was greatly improved, resulting in a more relaxed but more exciting riding experience. Whether it is daily leisure commuting, circle training, climbing challenges, and weekend riding, you can easily deal with it. At the right time, you can get a high enough income by turning on the motor a little, and use less physical exertion to reach farther mileage. And faster speed, this is the correct usage of S8.

The addition of the mid-mounted motor buff will bring greater load to the transmission system, especially the chain, and more rapid and high-intensity impacts will also have a great impact on the wheel set. After more than 500 kilometers of actual measurement, the rear wheel is equipped with a speed magnet. The spokes and the spokes are somewhat loose, which may cause the meter to report an error and stop assisting. This also reminds us to maintain and inspect frequently, the official said that the follow-up will be improved and replaced with elbow spokes. We can also set the maintenance cycle in the Bafang meter by ourselves. When the maintenance mileage is reached, the meter will light up the maintenance reminder, which is more convenient for daily maintenance.

▲1 hour power-assisted circle test In the perception of many riders, they tend to have a prejudice against electric-assisted road vehicles. The common reason is nothing more than: Since I can easily step on 25km/h, why do I need to bring the burden of a motor? It is true that not to mention ordinary road bikes or mountain bikes, it can easily reach a speed of 25km/h on flat roads, but in the face of steep slopes of several kilometers, can you still maintain your heart rate below 120, easily 25km/h? At this time, with the S8, you only need to add a little bit of electricity, and the electric boost output does not require too much power, which can help you get through the most difficult sections, and then go to challenge the further and more difficult routes. For another example, it is difficult for ordinary enthusiasts to maintain a 45km/h flat road cruise, and the maximum sprint speed is only 50km/h. This speed is a piece of cake for the S8, and you can easily maintain a speed above 40km/h. To bring the wind to teammates all the way, the 50mm high-frame carbon fiber wheels can also exert its best aerodynamic performance.

▲Comparison of cycling data between power-on 5-speed assist and power-off cycling It seems that there is not much difference between the two test speeds in the above picture, but the same road section feels completely two worlds: riding off the power, sucking the wake of teammates all the way, and even going to the tail of the crane when climbing. If you can keep up, your own power is so high, even if you change into a world championship chariot, it won't change the fact that you can't change the leg. But after turning on the motor booster (picture on the left), everything is different. The average speed has increased, the heart rate has dropped, the wind will not breathe all the way, and the destination will be reached earlier than originally planned. There is more time to appreciate and explore. Isn’t it easy and happy to drive and never discover the beauty?

With aerodynamics, full inner walking, wide rim and wide tires, and disc brakes on the road, this BLULANS conforms to the most popular road bike design elements and trends, and is equipped with an ultra-light mini Bafang M800 motor system and top flagship high-end accessories. The one-step ultra-high configuration is worry-free, and you can ride it out of the box. The emergence of S8 allows more casual cyclists like me to easily enjoy the thrill of speeding on a road bike and breaking the wind throughout the journey, challenging the limits that were once impossible, and obtaining a higher quality riding experience. , The endurance of more than 100 kilometers has expanded the travel range, conquered more mountain roads, and obtained great psychological satisfaction while adrenaline soared. Advantages: You can ride out of the box, the motor is mini and light, the whole car is fully inside, the motor is soft and quiet, and the configuration is in place in one step. Disadvantages: There is only one size, the paint is easy to fall off the screws, and the real-time power data on the meter is only for entertainment. Friends who need it can be equipped with a pair of power pedals.

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