Before Sales


The sales team of own 9 years foreign marketing experiences for Electric Bikes. Most of our customers came from Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia. We understand the local laws, people's preferences, purchasing power, and traffic conditions of these countries and regions.


1.  If you are a novice in the electric bicycle or plan to do business in the electric bicycle. Please tell us where you come from, or where you are going to do the business of electric bikes. Our sales staff will recommend some models for you to meet the local market.

2.  If you can tell us, who is your target group? Or do you plan to sell electric bicycle to which kind of people, we can also recommend suitable products for your reference.  For example, our motor class as 250W, 350W, 500W, 1000W….. select suitable motor power for different group people.

3.  If you have importing goods experiences from China, just tell us, you want to sell how much price electric bikes, our people can be able to send exact models to your mail quickly.

4.  If, you have did the business of electric bicycle for a few years. Well, we'll have more topics to talk about. We can discuss together, how to improve one electric bicycle, Of course, you can also customize somewhere of the bike, so that make the bike with unique features and new attractions.


After Sales


1.  For our electric bikes and scooters, we have complete parts list, it’s useful for future service.

2.  We give warranty for main electric parts, like motor, battery, charger and controller. The details, check our Warranty Policy.

3.  We provide 1% spare parts for free based on FCL order.  In case, the goods need new parts to make replacement, this will be helpful.

4.  We can train one technician for foreign customers, to help them make after sales service in local place. In some countries and regions, electric bike is new products for them, so a skillful technician is necessary for good service.