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Which battery should i get?

Which battery should i get?

  • Sunday, 06 August 2017
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Which battery should i get?

Choosing the right battery for your conversion is probably the most important factor for your conversion. We offer three main types – downtube batteries are the most popular but suitable only for unisex or mens frames. Rear rack batteries are preferable for ladies frames, and frog batteries are preferable for folding frames.

Downtube Batteries

Downtube batteries are the most popular, as they fit neatly into the pre-existing bottle mount screws on the bicycle frame. Also, being in the centre of the bike, you get really good weight balancing.

The only disadvantage is that you can’t use it if you don’t have enough space (33cm of free length) on the downtube. So for folding or ladies or Y-Frame bikes it is not suitable.

Check out the animation below to see how it fits.

For example Hailong downtube battery conversion example.

Rack Batteries


Rack batteries fit to the rear of the bicycle like a rear pannier.

The battery slides into the rack, and connects automatically to the controller which can be housed inside the rack.

It is suitable for mens frames, or ladies frames. Smaller frame types like Y-frame or folding bikes are not usually suitable. But if your Y-Frame bike has the appropriate fixtures then it can also work with the rear rack.

Watch the simple animation below to see where it goes.

Frog battery

 ebike graphic frog battery compatibility

The frog battery is the most universal option. It fits to more-or-less any bicycle type. The only constraint is there needs to be about 20cm of space underneath the seat and above the tyre, so it cannot fit if you have the seat very low.

The battery holder screws tight onto the seat post, it contains the controller as well making it a neat conversion. The battery slides into the holder, and it connects the power to the controller when you turn the key.

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